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Mark is incredibly passionate about real estate. Working in this realm, he feels at home; filled with positive energy, passion, and enthusiasm. Mark is personally invested in his work: researching, assessing, buying, and selling. The job of finding the right home for the right person fulfills and rewards Mark in many ways, informing his worldview. Even while traveling, he always has an eye out for unique properties. For Mark, real estate is not just a job, it’s a huge part of who he is as a person.

Over the years, Mark has built a knowledge base that serves his clients in many ways: saving them time, money and energy. Constantly building upon his knowledge, Mark continues to grow, learn, and stay up to date on both the market and current business trends. He works tirelessly, so that his clients can relax and enjoy the process of finding their perfect home or property.

Mark’s other areas of interest and expertise include investment properties, commercial properties, and affordable and equal housing for all. He strives to recognize and meet each of his client’s individual needs. Mark truly meets people where there are. Whether purchasing a first home, finding a new investment property, or just making a change, Mark always takes the time to get to know people and deeply consider how he can best help.

As a REALTORⓇ, Mark values and prioritizes community involvement by finding ways to actively engage in the community where he works, lives and recreates. For example, Mark hosts an annual basketball minicamp for area youth. This low-cost camp is designed to help youth have a Summer activity that helps them learn about teamwork, work ethic, the sport and more. Follow the camp at the the facebook group:

Mark is driven by his personal values, community engagement, respect, honesty, integrity, communication, and a very strong work ethic. These are obvious in everything Mark sets out to do.




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