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About Stephanie

Stephanie grew up on the Rocky Mountain Front, in the tight-knit community of Choteau, Montana. Growing up in a historically agriculture based community, she learned that honesty, hard work and commitment could get a person just about anywhere. She’s carried these traits with her as she left Choteau, and entered into the world of Real Estate.

Her passion for helping people has truly become not only a career but her way of life. Something she truly enjoys, day in and day out.

Now, in Helena, with experience and a passion to serve others, she continues to flourish in the Real Estate Market. Enjoying each interaction with her clients as if it were her first, staying true to her roots, with honesty, handwork and commitment rivaled by few in the Real Estate Industry.

When Stephanie isn’t working she enjoys hiking new trails with her dog, Piper, late afternoon horseback rides, and being a social butterfly at local hang outs.




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