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About Tina

Tina is a 5th generation Montana native and was raised on the Gehring Ranch north of Helena that was homesteaded by her family in 1864. Her Grandfathers Jack Gehring and Sunny Hildenstab instilled a deep regard for the land and the stewards of it.

She attended college in Southern Alabama and has traveled to 44 of the 50 states, Mexico and all over South Korea. After experiencing the wonders of many different cultures and places, she decided that Dorthy was in fact correct: There's no place like home.

Tina is married to Jerry Stewart and they have 4 beautiful children. They are the typical American family, active in every single sport, art and music program while enjoying all of the outdoor activities that our beautiful state has to offer.

After selling their home in Laurel, Montana, Tina retired from her dental career and joined the Real Estate community, realizing that the one thing better than making beautiful smiles in the dental community was making people's souls smile in real estate. She is thankful to have the opportunity to work in an ethical establishment that cares for their clients’ every need in real estate.

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